10 Driving Tips To Survive The Winter

You can cause a head on collision with other vehicles if you swerve

We just made it through the season’s first big snow storm, and if you were not prepared already- you need to get ready for winter driving season. Each winter we worry about dangerous road conditions like snow, slush, ice and animals such as deer. Here is our list of what you should do to get […]

10 Tips For An Injury-Free Halloween

Halloween Safety tips personal injury lawyers schneider and palcsik

For some, Halloween is the happiest day of the year. Homes are decorated with lights, ghosts, and ghouls. Kids run door to door in spooky costumes collecting candy from neighbors. This tradition is an excellent way for kids to meet neighbors and create a sense of community. However, if not careful, it is one of […]

New England Driver’s Survival Guide

You can cause a head on collision with other vehicles if you swerve

Slap on your winter boots, the snow is almost here! As the snowflakes begin to fall, we find ourselves facing another majestic New England winter. Not only do New England drivers have to be aware of snow, slush and ice, they also need to be hyper-vigilant for deer in the roadways. We have compiled a […]

A Parent’s Guide to the Fair

Bumper cars, cotton candy, and a day at the fair can be exciting. However, you don't want to have to file a personal injury case at the end of the night. Stay safe at the fair with our tips

It’s that time of the year: Fairs! Get ready for the smell of fried dough, the sound of happy screams, and the colorful lights of the various attractions. Before you take the family to the county fair for the day, make sure to read these helpful tips to help you have a successful, enjoyable day […]