Why Take Photos After A Slip and Fall

icy snowy sidewalks slip and fall broken bones

This morning before work you were walking your dog. Your dog is slowly meandering from one interesting smell to another while walking down Cornelia Street in Plattsburgh. As you continue your walk, making your way back home, you fall. To break your fall you lock out your arms. You are immediately in pain and you […]

Dog Bite Prevention-Tips From A Trainer- When To Get A New Dog

making your puppy comfortable can make them feel at home, lowering anxiety and stress and reducing the chances of dog bites.

Recently while waiting for the coffee to brew, I was chatting with Mark and our personal injury paralegal, Katelyn, about adopting a dog during the holidays.  I imagined it must be so nice for a loving home to add another member of their family.  Adding a dog to a family can be especially exciting for […]

Dog Bite Prevention-Tips From A Trainer- Train Your Dog To Stay

Teach your dog how to stay

STAY! by Deb DeSilva, CPDT-KA, Certified AKC CGC, CDE, Trick Dog  & Therapy Dog Evaluator “Stay!” is an essential and often life-saving command for your pup to master.  All dogs should have a solid “stay” whether using a verbal cue if he/she is near you, or hand cue for a distant stay (necessary if your […]

What Should I have In My Car For Winter?

Prepare your car for winter driving in Plattsburgh New York and Middlebury Vermont

Do you know what emergency supplies you should have in your car this winter? A properly supplied winter emergency roadside kit can help you if you ever get in a car crash. According to SafeWinterRoads.org: Every year, nearly 900 people are killed and nearly 76,000 people are injured in vehicle crashes during snowfall or sleet. Each year, […]

New England Driver’s Survival Guide

You can cause a head on collision with other vehicles if you swerve

Slap on your winter boots, the snow is almost here! As the snowflakes begin to fall, we find ourselves facing another majestic New England winter. Not only do New England drivers have to be aware of snow, slush and ice, they also need to be hyper-vigilant for deer in the roadways. We have compiled a […]