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Supplemental Security Income Appeals

Click here if you've recently been denied Supplemental Security Income (SSi) and would like Mark Schneider on your side to appeal.

Social Security Disability Appeals

Click here if you've recently been denied Social Security Disability (SSD) and would like Mark Schneider to help you appeal the decision.

Have you recently received a letter telling you your application for Supplemental Security Insurance or Social Security Disability has been denied? Many people wait months- hoping, wishing, and checking to see if their application for assistance has been approved. If you’re like most, you’ve waited18 months to find out that you’ve been denied.

You have the option to appeal the decision, and that’s when you should call our team. We currently serve people who have been denied benefits in New York’s Clinton, Franklin, and Essex counties. Give us a call, or fill out our contact form to get a 5-star rated team on your side.

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