Broken Bones or Fractures can Occur Anywhere in the Body

No matter if you’ve been in a bike crash, slip and fall or a dog bite– Broken bones, or fractures as they are sometimes called, are an extremely common medical condition experienced by many individuals. In fact, the Cleveland Clinic estimates that every year approximately one million fractures and broken bones occur throughout the United States. While many of these fractures are caused by natural circumstances, such as osteoporosis or slipping and falling, some of them are the direct result of being struck by a motor vehicle.

Broken Bones or Fractures can Occur Anywhere in the Body

It is not uncommon to assume that broken bones or fractures only occur to the wrists and ankles. These, after all, are the most common types of fractures, but the truth is broken bones can occur on almost any part of the body.

Some examples of where those who were in a bike crash experienced a broken bone or fracture include:

  • Legs or ankles 
  • Skull fractures
  • Back
  • Thigh 
  • Hip
  • Pelvis
  • Wrist or arm
  • Collar Bone
  • Ribs

These are just a few of the long-term problems associated with broken bones caused by a bike crash. Oftentimes, these injuries are debilitating and can result in being unable to perform your job or to care for your day-to-day needs.  The financial aspect of this type of injury is also burdensome. Many people wind up having surgery and possibly repeated injections or other painful treatments to minimize the pain and discomfort associated with these personal injuries.

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Diagnosing A Broken Or Fractured Bone

When it comes to bicycle crash personal injury lawsuits, medical evidence can make or break a case. Luckily, medical evidence for broken bones and fractures is pretty black and white. There is no grey area in terms of the injury. The broken bone or fracture is either present on the x-ray or scan, or it isn’t.

A personal injury can help you obtain the proper medical evidence you need to support your case when you have a bone fracture due to an bike crash. Just having the medical evidence available should make any attempts at negotiating a settlement easier, as it is extremely difficult to argue with the x-rays and scans.

Can A Bicycle or Pedestrian Lawyer Help?

If another person is legally responsible for your bike crash, a personal injury attorney can help. The long-term consequences of broken or fractured bones could mean lost wages, extensive medical bills and serious lifestyle changes. If you have a broken or fractured bone due to a bike crash, you should speak with a bicycle crash lawyer as quickly as possible.

Broken Bones Require a Lot of Medical Care to Properly Heal

There is a lot involved with treating bone fractures. Multiple doctor appointments are required, not to mention the extensive testing that is needed to make sure the fracture is healing properly. Even after the fracture has healed, you may need to go through several months of physical or occupational therapy.

Unfortunately, all of these doctor appointments, tests and therapy sessions start to add up. The burden of paying for these types of medical expenses should not fall upon you, especially when you are the victim. A personal injury attorney can help you seek a settlement that provides proper compensation for all necessary medical treatment, as well as any follow up care that may be needed, such as occupational or physical therapy. In addition to compensation for medical expenses, a personal injury attorney can help you seek financial compensation for pain and suffering, as well as any lost wages you experiences as a result of your injury.

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