Motorcycle Crash & Nerve Damage Injuries

No matter if you’ve been in a motorcycle crash, slip and fall or a dog bite– fewer injuries are as challenging as nerve damage. Nerve damage  can be fairly common and in fact, one of the challenges is that in some cases, peripheral neuropathy, can also be caused by the need to use crutches or other medical devices. Many people who have been injured in a could suffer from long-term nerve damage.


Nerve Damage Injury Information

One of the problems with nerve damage is the long-term problems that can be created.  If you have suffered nerve damage after a motorcycle crash, you should be aware of some of the potential repercussions which include:

Muscle Atrophy

If you are having trouble feeling your feet or legs you may be unable to move or exercise.

Bladder and Bowel Problems

It is not uncommon for those with nerve damage to suffer from constipation from incontinence.

Dry Eyes/ Mouth

If facial nerves are damaged, it is possible that your tear ducts and other glands may not function well.

Pain & Burning

It is fairly common for those who have suffered nerve damage to have long-term pain and burning in the area of the injury.

Weakness & Paralysis

If the nerves are seriously damaged, it is possible to have to live with some weakness or minor paralysis.

These are just a few of the long-term problems associated with nerve damage after a motorcycle crash. Oftentimes, these injuries are debilitating and can result in being unable to perform your job or to care for your day-to-day needs.  The financial aspect of this type of injury is also burdensome. Generally, someone who suffers from any type of nerve damage will have to see a neurologist on a regular basis and undergo regular tests to determine if the condition is worsening. Many people wind up having surgery and possibly repeated injections or other painful treatments to minimize the pain and discomfort associated with these personal injuries.

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Diagnosing Nerve Damage After a Motorcycle Crash

Unfortunately immediate after a motorcycle crash you may not be aware you have suffered any nerve damage. In many cases, tingling and numbness, typically initial signs, may not appear for several days after the crash. You will more than likely have to undergo a battery of tests to determine what damage you suffered as well as the extent of the damage.

Can A Motorcycle Crash Lawyer Help?

If another person is legally responsible for your motorcycle crash, a personal injury attorney can help. The long-term consequences of motorcycle crash nerve damage could mean lost wages, extensive medical bills and serious lifestyle changes. If you have suffered nerve damage, you should speak with a lawyer as quickly as possible.

Can I Get Money For Nerve Damage Because Of A Motorcycle Crash?

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash, you have to prove that you suffered an injury, and be able to provide medical records. In cases where you suffered nerve damage because of a motorcycle crash, your medical treatment for those injuries will be scrutinized carefully.  Let’s face it, insurance companies want to know exactly what the cause of the accident was and the extent of the injuries of passengers or drivers who suffer nerve damage. Therefore we’ll have to demonstrate:

  • The severity of the injury – Whether you had temporary numbness or long term effects such as loss of coordination or mobility.
  • Extent of treatment – Chances are if you suffered never damage in addition to the preliminary ER visit you probably saw a neurosurgeon or other specialist.
  • Recovery outcome – One of the factors in determining the severity of the injury is the potential for a positive outcome. Some injuries may heal in a few weeks while others will cause long-term residual problems.

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