Motorcycle Crash, Severed Limbs, and Amputations

There are certain illnesses that can result in the loss of a limb and some occupations which are very hazardous can result in limb loss. However, one of the injuries we seldom hear about is limb amputation after a motorcycle crash

Suffering an amputation in a motorcycle crash will involve surgical procedures, long-term physical therapy and will also mean serious pain. In many cases, victims may be unable to return to their original jobs and they may also need to be retrained to learn a new occupation.

Motorcycle Crash Severed Limb Recourse

Victims who have lost a limb in a motorcycle crash will typically have extensive medical costs, may require nursing care and will likely face weeks or months of lost work. Victims can make an insurance claim or, if necessary, file a civil suit against the person who was responsible for the crash to recover financially from these losses. In addition, an auto collision attorney will also help you recover non-economic damages including pain and suffering.

Why Hire an Motorcycle Crash Lawyer?

One of the most important reasons to hire an attorney after amputation in a motorcycle crash is to avoid being forced to settle for less than your full losses when recovering from a severed limb. Insurance companies will want to close the books on your claim as quickly as possible to reduce their financial risk

A lawyer who has experience with motorcycle crash understands how insurance companies work will generally advise you to avoid answering even the most benign questions such as “how are you today” because insurers will likely use these responses during a personal injury trial.  Keep in mind, insurance adjusters do not work for victims, they work for insurance companies and their primary responsibility is to reduce the dollar amount of claims that are paid out.

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Proving Fault After Auto Accidents with Severed Limbs

One of the most important things to determine after a motorcycle crash is who was at fault for the collision. Since New York has a comparative fault statute, careful analysis of responsibility for the crash is critical. The person who caused the collision will attempt to shift as much blame to the victim as possible and chances are the insurance company will do their best to assist.  At Schneider & Palcsik Injury Lawyers our focus is on the injured person and proving the injuries were caused by the negligent person.

Can I Get Money For Severed Limb Because Of A Motorcycle Crash?

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle crash, you have to prove that you suffered an injury, and be able to provide medical records. In cases where you severed a limb or had a limb amputated because of a motorcycle crash, your medical treatment for those injuries will be scrutinized carefully.  Let’s face it, insurance companies want to know exactly what the cause of the collision was and the extent of the injuries of passengers or drivers who severed a limb or had a limb amputated. Therefore we’ll have to demonstrate:

  • The severity of the injury – Whether you lost a finger or an arm we need to determine the long term effects such as loss of coordination or mobility.
  • Recovery outcome – One of the factors in determining the severity of the injury is the potential for a positive outcome. Lost limbs will cause long-term residual problems and it is our job to determine the extent of the loss.

Injured In Vermont?

If you were injured in Vermont, you’ll need a lawyer who is certified to practice personal injury law in Vermont. Visit our Middlebury office to learn how we can help you with your motorcycle crash injuries.

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