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The story behind TOTALED

On February 24th, Mark Schneider received a call that his girlfriend Cathy had been rear-ended. Fortunately for Cathy, she was able to walk away from the crash without injury. They later found out that the car was damaged enough to be deemed a total loss by their insurance company. 

Cathy's Car
Mark Schneider-appeals-ssi-ssd-denied social security-Plattsburgh-New York-lawyer-attorney
Attorney Mark Schneider

Mark knew his rights and that their car was worth more money.  By day Mark works as a Personal Injury Lawyer at Schneider & Palcsik and he knew he could fight for what their car was worth.

Mark wrote down the steps he took to get a fair price and turned them into his book TOTALED.

I cannot represent everyone, but I can write a book to help people get the money they deserve for their car. If you read this book, you will learn how to use the law to get a fair settlement for your totaled car,” states   

What are you waiting for?

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